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Any Marshall JCM800 2203x users?


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Great amp for some rawk 'n' ROLL. Just had the opportunity to crank mine past noon last weekend (plugged into the High jack, through a 1960ax cabinet). Ran a few pedals (phaser, wah, tremolo, reverb, delay, chorus) through it, boosted it with my Kalamazoo for leads, and I was in fantasyland. I've also used the amp with the R&B/Funk/Rock band I play with, and it performed equally well.


Thinking about purchasing a Guytron open-back 2x12 for it. That 4x12 cab sounds freggin' great, but it's way too heavy at 2:30 am. I have a line on one for a good price--what do y'all think? Open back cabs with Marshalls? It comes with Bigtone 55w speakers.







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I have not used the 100 watter and never really owned a head. However I did buy new in 1983 ( I still have it) a Marshall JCM 800 2x12 50 watt combo.

It's the same lay out as the 2203.


It's a rocker for sure, when turned up about 3/4 of the way on the pre amp.





Mine runs 6550 power tubes as opposed to the EL34's.


It's sound very Marshall to me.


I can't tell you about ext cabs, because the only ext cab I have owned in the past was a Mesa Rectro 1x12 cab.


I did a amp clean out years ago, with amps that were just to big to haul. Like the 2x12 combo Mesa Trevoloverb I had that weighed in at 98 lbs. One of my fav amps ever.






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