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Tonerider pickups for strat build which ones?

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I have a strat project going on and I need pickups for it. I have always wanted to try Toneriders so that is what I am going to put in this partscaster. I just need some recommendations of which ones people really like. These will be my first real strat pickups so I don't know much about the different sounds other than what I hear on YouTube. The Guitar is an Alder body with a Maple neck. I like to play blues and blues rock, but wouldn't mind getting into some surf rock and alternative showgazing stuff. I always play with a little dirt but I think any of these Toneriders handle dirt in their own cool way from what I have heard on YouTube. I do have my favorites form listening, but I am just wondering what are the favorites out there with you guys. Again I know people are going to suggest Rose and Bill Lawrence as well as others, but I am really only interested in trying out a set of Toneriders just to see what the hype is and hopefully getting a great set of pickups.

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I have two Tonerider sets in two Strats: the City Limits set (a hotter bridge Texas Blues-type), and the Classic Blues set.


The City Limits sounds great, honestly better than Texas Specials, IMHO; they nail that slightly overwound, glassy Strat sound. Classic Blues are mellower, and rounder. Both sets are sweet, open and relatively uncompressed. COnsidering the price, they're tough to beat,


For more tonal variation, I have both connected to Deaf Eddie strat switches:

  • City Limits to the Fat-O-Caster switch (11 different tones)
  • Classic Blues to the Chromacaster switch (16 different tones)

Another Tonerider set to consider is the Surfari set. Listen to demos of Squier Classic Vibe 50s strats; they contain the OEM version of this pickup set, and they're really excellent.

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