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Rare 1966 Wollensak Reel to Reel made by 3m


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Up for sale is a vintage WollenSak 5780 3m Reel to Reel tape machine, it actually works in the sense that the motor and reels move, you are able to actually record using a TRS to XLR connection (tested - I was able to record my voice!) and has two speakers that plug in and make sound.


It has a Tone control knob which sweeps from bass frequencies to treble frequencies. This unit was made in 1966 and priced at $212 back in it's day.. This means today this would be worth 1k (just to give you a sense of the quality rather than pricing) with todays inflation adjustment.


Use it to make 'Frippertronic' sounds and delay sounds by plugging it into a mixer and feeding your guitar into it!


Comes with blank tape and it's power cable, don't get burned on an untested item - these things are not the kinds of things to buy second hand without knowing it works

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