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Summer NAMM 2017 Boutique Guitar Showcase

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One of the fun elements at this year's show was the Boutique Guitar Showcase, curated by Jamie Gale, which had a whole lot of pricey and eye-catching custom guitars. How eye-ctaching? Judge for yourself!







Left: Chrome, McSwain Guitars, $8,500

Right: Vintage, McSwain Guitars, $5,495





Left: Powerline, Rikkers Guitars, $5,100

Right: Saddle Pal, Lame Horse Instruments, $9,800





Left: T-Thinline Plus, Pensa Guitars, $5,995

Right: J4 Plus, Pensa Guitars, $5,795





Left: #24, Vilhelm Engström Guitars, $3,400

Right: #22, Vilhelm Engström Guitars, $3,200





Left: Morgoth 7, Giulio Negrini Guitars, $6,650

Right: Morgoth, 6LS "Outer Spaces," Giolio Negrini Guitars, $13,600





Left: Morgoth, 6LS "Elizabeth," Giolio Negrini Guitars, $13,000

Right: Austral, Diego Vila Guitars, $2,575





Left: Telmo, Diego Vila Guitars, $3,450

Right: OPM III, Sauvage Guitars, $75,000





Left: Raven, Sully Guitars, $3,450

Right: Caroline #20, Donovan Leah Guitars, $4,950





Left: Chronos-Turquoise, Zerberus Guitars, $4,300

Right: 665, Tausch Electric Guitars, $4,250

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And more boutique guitars...




Left: K-Bill, Di Donato Guitars, $6,400

Right: Treeline, Rikkers Guitars, $4,900





Left: Super Chief, Kauer Guitars, starting at $4,750

Right: Banshee, Kauer Guitars, $3,650





Left: KR1, Titan, $4,450

Right: Balor, Emerald Guitars, $3,570





Left: X20 Select, Emerald Guitars, from $2,575

Right: Amicus Artisan, Emerald Guitars, $1,695





Left: NG2, Dingwall Guitars, $2,300

Right: D-Bird, Dingwall Guitars, $4,780





Left: Double Six, Spalt Instruments, $5,400

Right: Chocolate Boy, Spalt Instruments, $8,750





Bat, Parsons Guitars, $2,900


Please note: I think the prices and info are pretty much correct, but the names weren't easy to read from the photos. Please post if there are any corrections.

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