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Have you ever wondered just what's on the four indivual Sgt. Pepper tracks?

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Probably old news for many of you, but the various multitracks have been floating around on the Internet since at least the Garage Band days. Still, it's a great study in economy, track sharing and arrangement to listen to how they utilized those four tracks.



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That album was a Monolithic monument in music. Boundaries were shattered, the bar was raised in the creativity sector and a genre was expanded for generations of inspirations.

SGT. Pepper was a compositional triumph, sonic landscapes were defiant against boundaries that Rock music was stuck in.

We caught glimpses in songs like I'm Only Sleeping, Norwegian Wood, Eleanor Rigby, Yellow Submarine, Penny Lane. Strawberry Fields Forever and Tomorrow Never Knows, of what was in store for us back in 1967.

I love listening to to SGT. Pepper with headphones, it seems like there is always something new hidden in the individual

tracks. The Benefit of Mister Kite has so many sonic surprised.

It's kind of like they wanted the listener to go through an sonic rollercoaster.

To me, I've heard people do less with 32 tracks than what George Martin and the Beatles accomplished on SGT. Pepper.


I wonder who was engineering this session , Geoff Emmerich ?

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Yes, Geoff Emerick was the engineer. I got a chance to finally meet him at the AES convention in Los Angeles - it was coincidentally on my birthday last year - a very quiet and unassuming man - he seemed quite nice.


What kills me is that he was only 22 or so by the time he had recorded both Revolver and Sgt. Pepper.

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I bought the remix today .... I am totally speechless !!!!

So mind blowing, even my nine year old daughter started to dig into my old vinyl L.P.'s of the Beatles.

I think I just got another generation of my family to enjoy the music of the Beatles !!!!


That's awesome AJ! Good for you for getting your family excited about the magic of music! :philthumb:

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