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Good Analog Chorus?


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Hey everybody,


Ever since I flipped my CE-2, I've been gassing for a chorus. I love faux leslie, and I love '80s post punk. I would like to keep the cost of this new chorus pedal below $200 unless a) The Analogman Mini Chorus is trulythe Cat's Pajamas, and b) I say Fugit (as in Patrick) and end up impulsively buying a Subdecay Vitruvian Mod.




-Not completely sold on the CE-2w. Seems a lot of hype to me. But I'd be happy to be proven wrong!


-Anybody know anything about Arion SCH-1 and SCH-Z reliability? And what about the EWS-modded one?


-MXR Micro Chorus? Original or RI?


Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend!




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If you're looking at clones, The Joyo pedals are tough to beat for quality builds. I bought they're Classic chorus recently and its not bad considering the price. I have several others but I keep coming back to using my Marshall Supervibe Chorus. The preamps in it are superior and don't have the tone sucking many cheaper pedals have. I like it because I can dial it back and get movement without it making your strings sound like they're out of tune when the LFO bends the notes. You can get space without it being overly distracting. The stereo mode is excellent too.

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