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PRS Sonzera 50 review

Phil O'Keefe

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My review of the Paul Reed Smith Sonzera 50W 1x12 combo just went up. If you'd like to check it out, you can read it here.






I have to admit, it had some surprises in store for me... to find out what they were, you'll have to click the link and read the review. :)


If you have any questions or comments about the amp or the review, please feel free to post them here. :wave:


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great review. Man, what an amp. Obviously, as you said PRS lends confidence. Given how much his oter amps cost, I'm so surprised it is so cheap. Makes me wan to sell my Dr Z Maz to get one. I don't need 50W. Be playing 15Wish live for years and always kept up. Good amps, I have. This is an exciting amp. Strange the multi OM outs. 2 4?

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How does the metal tones compare to let’s say the 6505 etc. Does it have that high gain modern tones (or could they be achieved with a tube screamer) or more of a vintage feel?


Unfortunately I'd be comparing apples and pomegranates if I tried to make that comparison. I wasn't able to try the Sonzera 1x12 combo through a 4x12 cabinet... without that closed back 4x12, the Sonzera's not going to compete with a 5150 / 6505 half stack in terms of beef and thump. You can easily get a good modern metal tone out of the amp though - or do classic rock with it. The amp has plenty of grind and adding a distortion or overdrive will give you even more insane levels of gain and dirt - the amp does very well with pedals of all kinds. And if you do have a 4x12 cab that you like, it's available in a head too.


Thanks for the review, was a good read.


Glad you liked it - thanks for checking it out!

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