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List all the guitars you have ever owned


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 I just unearthed  this post from a 2005 Harmony Central Forum thread.

This was less than a year after I joined this forum on October 18, 2004 and soon after I had bought my first guitar since 1978, a J.Reynolds Stratocaster

The Thread's Title is "List here all of the gear you've owned"

"Posted by fuzztone on June 12, 2005

Since last year I have bought and sold the following:




80's Crate 112 amp(I found this at a thrift store for $50 and thus began a rekindling of my long dormant interest in guitars)

Vox Pathfinder 15

Vox ADVT15

Vox Tonelab

Tech 21 TM 10

Harmony H-400(tube)

Silvertone 1451(tube Danelectro)


Electric Guitars


J.Reynolds Strat

Squire 51'

Westone Bendmaster

Rickenbacker 325c58 HamburgJG

Fender Telecaster MIM

Agile Valkyrie(1st version w/humbuckers)

Ephiphone Sheraton II

Fender Telecaster 69 Thinline(MIM RI)

Fender American Telecaster 52 RI

Les Paul Studio(2002 Wine Red)

Fender Floral Stratocaster(2002 CIJ)

Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster(Teal blue/green)

Fender Custom Shop Strat (Shell Pink body/headstock gold HW)

Truetone 3/4 size single pickup(60s)

Fender American Standard Strat(Olympic White 1987)

Epiphone G-310(red)

Epiphone SG Special(Black w/Gotoh humbuckers)

Gibson SG Classic(P-90s 1999)

Gibson SG Special(Wine Red)

Gibson SG 61 RI 1999

Rickenbacker 340VP(Fireglow)

Gibson Melody Maker(Red Satin 2003)

Fender Duo-Sonic 1993 MIM RI

Silvertone Jupiter(1423L)

Truetone solid body with Barney Kessel Pickups(1968)

Rickenbacker 325v63(1997)


I only have 5 guitars and 3 amps now as I have sold or traded most of these.


By the way if I had never stumbled across this GAS producing website(Harmony cental) and met all you freaking maniacs I would still have my J.Reynolds Strat and Crate amp and some money for my kids braces.Ah but what is the fun in that?"




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