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Writing when depressed

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I have serious depression that has plagued me my entire life. I've always tried to use songwriting as a way out of it, but have almost never had any luck at all. I can write out of sadness or other emotions, but depression just seems to sap my ability to stick with anything even though I am desperately in need of the outlet.


This leads me to wonder if I should stop trying to write when depressed. Do others find it motivating creatively, or just a frustrating drain like I do?

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Honestly I find it motivating BUT only when I'm in mood.


If I force myself to write and record I hate it. Nothing worse out and I spiral further down thinking I can't even do that anymore.


If I'm in the mood then it's really good for me. It gives me something to focus on that isn't my stupid brain and I cone out feeling good.


When I have short periods of not being depressed I rarely write as I'm busy being a normal human being, going out for walks, photography etc.


It's a rough one and we're all different so whatever suits.


But don't force it. Read a book or find another creative outlet for a bit. Draw. Take photos or just watch your favourite film

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I've never had a serious bout of depression that I can remember. But, I have ventured to imagine it to see if I could invoke any creativeness from it. No luck, really, because I end up sounding trite anyway.


But, the poetic isn't always waxing with the newest moon so we wait for it to visit, inspire and then deceitfully take an early leave of us amidst the muse.


I'm at my best when I don't think about writing, and best is a word my humility understands comes from the bottom of a barrel of charity.


Untitled (A poem about writing songs – badly)


This winter’s cold

It’s keeping you inside

Only so much to do

So you go for a ride


Down the same old streets

To the same old stores

Looking for an interest

You’re bored down to your core


You find your way home,

Play a few tunes

Looking through your music

Try to write your own


It doesn’t go well

Nothing sounds right

Boxes of desire

But every word a fight


Shrug it off again

Lean back a while

Wad up wasted paper

Add it to the pile


Try a different tuning

Maybe spark a mood

Or stir up inspiration

But it still sounds just as crude


There’s always covers

Everyone likes those

They’re easier to do

And not as hard on your nose


You gotta face the truth

Your writing’s taken ill

Your only fans’ a cockroach

Soon to die on the window sill


Chorus- (Closure if a song)

And you know you’ll never make it on your own

No…never make it

You’ve got to find a way to play it

Flush it from your soul

There’s a sound just waiting

There’s a story to be told

Trying hard makes it hide

Somewhere deep inside

It hides inside

Edited by Idunno

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Don't stop writing when you are depressed. That's just surrendering to that SOB. As long as it's not making things worse - I say just keep plowing ahead. Depression is a beast. Writing songs - in my experience - can help a fella work through that {censored}. Helped me get through some {censored} for sure. Now Those songs I wrote in my dark days? Sorta awful. But whatever. I was staying productive. Good luck, buddy.

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We're all very complicated entities. I've written a few things when pretty depressed - but not when the hammer is really down. Melancholy is pretty good for writing - a bit down but not too far down. Same as a bit up but not too far up.


At the tails, the rare highs and the rare lows, not much gets done artistically for me. Except the memories of the most-high and most-low can be very valuable in creative activity. Not that I want to cultivate the lows to reap some sort of artistic payoff. I'm happy to be happy, basically.


Thing is, we're always moving and changing below our levels of awareness. A depression can be basically over, but the message has not gotten through quite yet. There's a habit to depression that takes it into extra innings, unfortunately. You can feel like you have to be depressed or anxious or whatever, almost like a sense of duty that is misreading orders.


So just move cause the old saw is true enough - can't steer when not moving.


Best o'




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For me, writing is escape, like watching a movie or reading a book or doing a puzzle or playing a game. I can do it any time, happy or depressed.


It's just a way to get out of myself and into a zone. I've been doing it since I was a kid (I'm retired now), and it always works.

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If you are medication, then you may feel you have an artificial sense of creativity. If that is true,then stick with it.

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I have never struggled with depression but I do tend tonwrite better and more when I am overly tired or a little melancholy. But i think that is more because of the type of songs I end up writing.


But I must say that I have never sat down and "tried" to write a song. When the words come or snippets or whatever I just run with it. Sometimes I go months without writing anything and then a whole bunch in a cluster. Its weird.

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