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FS - Danelectro Dano Pro 2007 Reissue (aka "Flinstone" or "Bow Tie")


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Hi all. I'm brand new here to the forum. This was my first guitar. I played it a decent amount during the first year or two of owning it, but not much since. Have to say though, I loved the looks and comments from people when they first saw/heard it at shows. Over the years I've owned it though, guitar hasn't very often been my primary instrument. I've mostly played drums over the years, or most recently tenor ukulele.


So I'm looking to sell my Keen Green Dano Pro. I found quite a few threads and reviews of it here (http://www.harmonycentral.com/search/dano%20pro), so I thought I'd see if there was any interest here before going for the approach of local classified or music stores to sell it.


It's in good condition. No mechanical or electrical issues. Nice action. Only a few minor aesthetic flaws -- a few scuffs and little bits missing in the finish around the edge of the body and on the headstock. I've uploaded a whole bunch of pics here: https://postimg.org/gallery/25z8q4d3q/4f31dd0e/


I've got a soft gig bag I can include. It's currently missing the high E string. I could certainly re-string it if the buyer would like, or I could even get my local music shop to do a quick "check-up" and re-string.


I'm not too sure what this guitar should be valued at, so I'm open to offers. Buyer would be responsible for shipping costs (including duties, etc. if applicable) from Edmonton, Canada.


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