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Anyone have a spare million laying around that you could gift me?

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If so, I'd really love to buy this board. It's the TG12345 Mk IV that resided in Abbey Road Studio 2 from 1971 until 1983. It was used to record Pink Floyd's legendary album The Dark Side Of The Moon, not to mention tons of other legendary recordings from that era.


They're saying it will go for a substantial six figure amount, but I suspect it will go for more than that. Hopefully the million will cover it... ;)










So... if you could have any legendary board from any studio since the dawn of audio recording, which one would you choose? This one would certainly be at or near the top of my list.



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Phil' date=' I can't keep doing this for you - a Million here a Million there - pretty soon I'm not going to have anything left.[/quote']




A million here, a billion there... pretty soon you're talking real money. ;)


But it's not like there wouldn't be anything in it for you... If you help me out just this one last time, I'll be more than willing to record you for free.... :D


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Funny this, it just so happened that my birthday is on March 27, the day of the auction.


Let's just say I win the lottery or sumpton this weekend. I will be retiring from my day gig, then flying to Nashville to pick out my personal dream studio at Vintage King.


I personally don't think I'll need much more than a Nerve Genesys, but I could wrong.


Maybe I will buy this unit from Abbey Road/EMI with my lottery win, and put it in a second room in my new studio.


You can all come over and fiddle diddle with the knobs too. No charge. OH I probably need a Studer 16 track too.


Wish me luck.


I told the wife that if I won the lottery, I'm building a new house. I told her I'd build one for her too. :D

















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