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Bought a new Waterloo responsibly


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I sold my other gear BEFORE I bought the new unit, at 65 I must be growing up.


Sold stuff to buy a Waterloo 14 fretter. I knew I wanted the smaller V neck option, truss rod and drop in saddle rather than the earlier cut saddle just for ease of lowering the action if necessary.


I've been looking around at current stock on line and a WL-14LTR (ladder braced, truss rod) w/ the smaller V neck is a rare bird.


Artisan in Tenn is kinda close to me and has a great selection of Waterloos so I spoke w/ them first, got Eric on the phone and he was very helpful. I asked him to play the five WL-14s he had, he said sure and would call me back.


Eric said all the Waterloos were extremely consistent in sound but the ladder braced WL-14 was he's fav that day, and it had all the other right specs for me.


I have a WL-12 which is X braced so getting the ladder braced Waterloo is pretty cool.


So, next week!


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Looks lovely. I applaud your ability to buy responsibly.... holding oneself back when that consuming urge hits, when the seeming guitar of your dreams lands in your hands and all is right in the universe... non players just wouldn't understand.

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