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Line 6 Flextone II 2-12" 2-50 watt, Orange Micro Crush and Weber 100 watt Power Attenuator


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Thanks to Valentine's Day, I have to clear out a lot of my old equipment and take some pedals off my pedalboard to make room for new ones. All the items listed are going to be OBO and also up for trades, but the equipment I'm particularly interested in right now is a Strymon Riverside (long shot, I know). Up for grabs I have the following:


Line 6 Flextone II XL 2x12 2x50watts with 4 channel footswitch and cable (not the smaller 1x12 combo). This amp has been gigged with and the tolex has slight fraying, but it is loud and the Mesa and Blackface models in particular are amazing. It has a wide range of effects from chorus, tremolo, rotary speaker, vibrato to excellent delays, compression and many more. This amp makes the Spider series amp look like...well....the Spider series doesn't really need me to trash on it, it manages of its own accord. This is a great amp for both the bedroom and gigging and will hold up well. This is the second I've owned after the first got stolen and I'm only getting rid of it because I got a nice upgrade for V-day. I'm asking $250 OBO (eBay is around $280 with no footswitch). I want this amp to go to a good home and help you shred as much as possible.


Orange Mini Crush - This is a super handy amp to have sitting on your desk and just run your guitar into (or through a pedalboard first) and flesh out some ideas without blasting your roommates or neighbors eardrums out. It takes either a 9V battery or a standard 9V power supply. This amp has never left my desk and is in pristine condition. It has a clean channel, a dirt channel, as well as a built in tuner, which saves searching around your room trying to find a damn tuner hiding in a corner somewhere. The Crush is going for $50 OBO.


Weber Power 100W Power Attenuator - This is an discontinued model, which ironically has more features than the newer Weber attenuators. It has a tone stack for tone sculpting, treble boost, the different Ohm selections, etc. If you are not familiar with attenuators, they are used to be able to crank your ungodfully loud Twin Reverbs or Friedman or whatever other tube amplifier you're using that doesn't have a master volume to push the tubes harder and get that juicy break-up. The more you attenuate, the chunkier and overdriven you push your amp. They allow you to push your tube amp to that break-up point at a lower volume, so you get that sweet, sweet tone without causing everyone's ears in a mile radius to start bleeding profusely. I am asking $190 OBO.


That's all I have for now, please feel free to email or text me and see if we can work something out. I live in Sunnyvale, CA and am mobile so we may be able to save some shipping costs. Otherwise, I propose splitting any shipping 50/50. Like I said, outside of just cash, I am looking for a Strymon Riverside, but I will listen to any offers that are put forward - don't be shy.


Hope to hear from you and keep rocking out, guys.






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