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Catalinbread DLS, TC Helicon Mic Mechanic, Ditto X2 for sale/trade


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Thanks to Valentine's Day, I have to clear out a lot of my old equipment and take some pedals off my pedalboard to make room for new ones. All the items listed are going to be OBO and also up for trades, but the equipment I'm particularly interested in right now is a Strymon Riverside (long shot, I know). Up for grabs I have the following:


TC Electronic Ditto X2 - I love this pedal, I love looping and this thing has amazing features to go along with just simple looping - reverse loop, half time loop. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately theres just not enough room on my board to keep it on full-time for the few live songs I do with it. This pedal is in almost pristine condition, takes standard 9V power supply, kept on a pedalboard that is sturdier than sturdy should be possible. I care about my guitar equipment and do my absolute best to ensure that everything is treated with the respect it deserves. This goes for all the pedals and equipment I will be listing. For the Ditto X2 I am asking $120 OBO.


Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret - This pedal is a monster, it's a cranked Marshall emulation, I just don't play anything heavy enough to justify letting it collect dust so hopefully someone out there wants to tear it up Rage-style. This pedal has not left my house, as I never found the inclination to make my tone that heavy. Again, pristine condition, 9V standard power supply. The DLS I'm asking $130 OBO for.


TC Helicon Mic Mechanic - This is a vocal pedal, rather than a guitar pedal. I used it when I first started singing and have improved to the point where it just takes up space and I don't need the crutch anymore. However, it does have some really cool features. Pitch correction (adjustable), multiple styles of delay and reverb to add ambiance, plus an input gain on the side to increase your volume and put your PA a little harder if you need it. For someone who is on the fence about their singing, this is a huge confidence booster. It helped me a lot, that's for damn sure. This pedal also comes with it's own power supply, as it takes 14V rather than 9V. I'm asking $100 OBO.


That's all I have for now, please feel free to email or text me and see if we can work something out. I live in California so if anyone is local we can meet, otherwise shipping is not an issue. Like I said, outside of just cash, I am looking for a Strymon Riverside, but I will listen to any offers that are put forward - don't be shy.


Hope to hear from you and keep rocking out, guys.

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