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Music Plagiarizing

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A student asked me to teach him how to play Opeth's Benighted. Being an acoustic savant I had never heard of it. But, at my first opportunity I began my search and of course chased down Opus' Beknighted. Obviously, the former Band/Name queued up querying me and I selected it. I listened to it a few times, heard the pitch, progression/chords and began my usual stumbling towards fluidity. In a couple evenings I had it down well enough to teach but within that period of time I was reading the u-toob comments and noticed another band's name and a song being alluded to. So, curiosity got me and I eventually chased down a toob of Camel's Never Let Go.


Now, I've read the preamble arguments to Led Zepplins pinch of the intro to Stairway, heard the actual clips used in evidence thereof and had to tell myself Page was a naughty, naughty boy. He prevailed, though, and with the correct amount of cash sprinkled into the correct pockets he received his acquittal. Hey, that's just my take on the whole sham of a trial. One simply does not prosecute a Knight, though I think he shoulda been fried. But, this Benighted/Never Let Go similarity is just outright theft by Opeth. That said, I've never heard of any litigation about it.


So, I took my learnings to this student and set him in motion to gleefully play one of his most favoritest songs. I also asked him to listen to Camel's Never Let Go, which he had never heard of. His response? Hey, they were simply influenced by them like all bands are influenced by others.:)

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