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Phil O'Keefe

I read the News today, oh boy!

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Have you? :idea:


If not, you're missing out on the latest info as it comes in. Each and every day the HC Editors take all the coolest news that is sent in to us at news@harmonycentral.com and curate it for you - getting rid of all the spam and unwanted crap and posting the latest news on hot new products and updates - just the good stuff that musicians are really interested in.


The amount of cool new product announcements that come in just before, during and right after a huge trade show like NAMM tends to really go up dramatically, so if you haven't gotten into the habit of checking the HC News once a day, now is a good time to start making it a part of your daily routine.


You can view the News right on Harmony Central's home page, or on the dedicated News page. where you can view all the latest news, or even narrow it down to just the categories you're most interested in, whether it be drums, amps, guitars, effects, recording... you get the idea. So click one of the links and get the news - there's already a bunch of NAMM-centric news releases that have been posted, and NAMM hasn't even started yet! :cool:





PS If you'd like to discuss something NAMM-centric you've seen in the HC News, feel free to do so in this thread, or start another one here in the Winter NAMM 2017 forum. :wave:



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