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Good electric guitar for rockabilly, 50's music under $2000?


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The Guild is another good call.



I was thinking about there Guild T 50 at one time, but already had a Godin single pup 5th ave.




Also the Starfire III or Capri





Yeah, I have a red Starfire III w/Guildsby vibrato and Guild mini-humbuckers. The X175B has Franz pick-ups.

They're better for Rockabilly. But my Starfire III is a really versatile guitar.



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When I first met Paul Pigat (Cousin Harley) he was playing a Gibson ES-125 with P90s and a Bigsby through a Fender Blues Deville and a couple of Boss delay pedals. It was very rockabilly - but that may have had more to do with the player than the guitar.


Now Paul endorses Gretsch guitars (there may even be a Paul Pigat model) and the last time I saw him he was playing a Black Falcon.



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I saw Jacob Dylan many years ago. Neko case was a back up singer. He just kinda picked his Gretsch, but the Black Falcon is one sexy bomb of a guitar.


There's a few variations of the Black Falcon too.








The Duane Eddy Gretcsh is amazing, you get the Dynasonic single coil pick ups in that one, just like in the Duo Jet that George Harrison played in the Beatles and the album Cloud 9



I'm not sure what exact model George played here in the Traveling Wibury's




Sorry to go over budget from the original post.


However if you hit a Gretsch dealer and line up an Electromatic, a something from the Professional collection and something with TV Jones pups. Start at the low end the Black Top pups ain't bad, the Filtrons are better and then play the one with the TV Jones,, You get to the last guitar and say, " up that's the sound I have been in search of for my Rockabilly sound. Where have you been all my life."

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