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Roland JC-120 Or Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 ri


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My buddy has a Rolland JC twin. Sounds better with his acoustic guitar then his electric. I like the aluminum domed speakers which get tones similar to my vintage Altecs. I could get by using it if I had to but I'd take the Fender any day.

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So much depends on what you are expecting from an amp, style of music you play, the kind of guitar you favor, the pedals you use...

The JC is a great jazz amp, as it adds zero color [absent the digital chorus fx] to your sound, and has clean headroom 'to infinity and beyond'. If you are playing a large body jazz guitar, few mass produced amps are better over all. I even know a few keyboard players who like these as kb amps...but they are bulky and take a lot of stage floor space, like a Twin Reverb does. It is a great pedal platform because it will give you back what you put in.

The Deluxe is a little beast, offering nearly all the benefits of a Twin Reverb in half the space, with clean tube head room up to ~8, at which point it turns itself slowly into a snarling amp at a volume most clubs frown upon. Also a great pedal platform for pedals, it loves solid body guitars, somehow wringing the warmth and clarity out of a tele, strat or les paul like most other amps can't.

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