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Anyone using a Boss ES-5 or ES-8?

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Premier Guitar sent me this thing and it looks pretty sweet! Planning on having my dirt in front and 4CM with my M13, which I apparently can program all effects on / off through MIDI.




Anyone using this and have any tips / feedback?

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Thinking of something like this:


Guitar -> Wilson Wah -> First 2 FX on M13 (for comp, boost, pre dirt mod, pitch shift, volume) -> ES-5 In


Loop 1: SHO Clone

Loop 2: Octophant (in Octavia mode)

Loop 3: Swollen Pickle

Loop 4: Scratchy Snatch

Loop 5: Transparent OD (maybe a Klone eventually if I finish a build)


ES-5 Out -> Egnater Tweaker In -> Amp send -> M13 second two effects -> Amp return


Might try to put a M13 FX in a loop to move it around. Love that the ES-5 had enough MIDI capability to control the whole unit.


I'd take a pic but most of those effects are in storage. Need to go rescue then soon!

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I just got an ES5 2 days ago.


Basic programming is done but I haven't assigned some of the command parameters or buttons yet. I'm looking forward to the parallel loop function to blend two gain pedals together. Haven't found anything I don't like.... yet.


I'm not using the input buffer (I'm using an H9 pre and post and their buffer is fine) ...... the manual doesn't mention how to switch groups. I'm assigning the "Mute" button to that function. My Volume pedal is currently in loop 4 so I'll taking that out when I have time to figure out a CTL command for that. The effects switcher unit I WAS using (from an un-named company) died while I was on the road so I'm lucky there was a Boss ES5 to replace it. I'm gigging everyday (on the road internationally) so there's limited time to focus on completing every little tweak at once, It will probably take me a couple of weeks but I'm gigging with it now and it's great. I still need to assign the tuner to my H9 via midi and replace the Boss walwart with my Cioks power.


Isn't the ES5 / ES8 the same thing as a GigRig? ..... seems to have alot of the same features for much less. Maybe I'm missing something....

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