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Music Association Thread - Take 3

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"Put The Lime In the Coconut" - Harry Nilsson  

"Long Black Veil" - Lefty Frizzell @Mandolin Picker - I just pasted the link. "

"Sixteen Hands" - Cex  

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Jeff, Sorry if my post didn't read as playful but my message was meant in fun. Read it as if said in a totally exaggerated way. This is just for fun so no problem. I was gonna let the double slide (sorry for my double). But I couldn't let the wrong title go by without a mention. We've been playing this game so long mistakes are going to happen.

Lovers In A Dangerous Time - Bruce Cockburn


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Hush - Don't worry about it.  I wasn't at all offended and didn't take it the wrong way.  I guess I should have know better regarding "Bookends".  I did a YT search on Simon Garfunkel Time, and the Bookends song came up many times with the wrong title.  Keep on posting! 😁

"Time And Time Again" - The Monkees


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16 hours ago, Jeff Leites said:

I could swear I posted Time of the Season, but I can't find it.  I must have opted for something bizarre at at the time  😁

I did a search before posting cause I thought it should have been already posted.

Who Knows Where The Time Goes? - Fairport Convention


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