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Skype guitar lessons - need some info

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Hello all.


I am in the process of setting up Skype for guitar lessons and there are some things I do not know. Any help would be appreciated--especially if you are a teacher and do this work yourself. I have a great computer(2016 windows 8)but no camera so here is where my questions start.


1. What is a good camera to get under $100.00 preferred.


2. I would like to be able to set this up where I do not need to plug an amp in. I currently have a line 6 hooked up for recording and would like to be able to do the lessons through that and a headset microphone. So basically - no speakers. The student would need to be able to hear my mic/guitar and vice versa. How can I do this effectively.


Thank you


Groove on 13:cool03:

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