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Some followup news on that transformer change. I did some vocal recordings and the frequency response was definitely widened, but I think in the process I shot myself in the foot.


Before the upgrade the mic tone was very good for my voice. Scooped upper mids right where I needed them most to make my voice sound good.

The recordings I did had all those upper mids which I later had to cut back with an EQ. I may try a few more recordings before I make my final judgement but I'm highly tempted in putting the original transformer back in.


I do have the other R144 mic however. I used a thicker ribbon in it and I wasn't as pleased with its tone. Maybe I'll stick the transformer in that one and leave the R40 stock.


I did have an issue tracking with the modified Mic though. For some reason I just wasn't able to hear myself very well when using it.

I had tracks that came in at near maximum yet I couldn't hear myself sing without allot of gain on the mic. I may have just used too much gain for the mic. I didn't use a pop filter either. I couldn't hear a reason for using it because the sound was so transparent. It may be this new transformer shifts the frequency response up to get more highs and has a much lower bass bump so I don't hear any puffiness from the voice.


I'll just have to play around with it and see if its a gear issue or mod issue. I have several other preamps I can try too which will be the first thing I try.

I really don't need nor want another mic that sounds crystal clean like a condenser, at least not for my vocals. The other may wind up being a killer amp or drum mic.



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