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Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine w/ Powerhouse 410 Cab + custom cases

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I'm selling my Mesa-Boogie bass rig with custom cases by A&S Cases. This is an ideal setup for a touring musician, read on: The head and cab were purchased in mid-2009 and spent about 16 months on various tours until 2013. I replaced the head (the entire rackmount unit) within the blonde vinyl case in Winter 2013, so it's very "low mileage." The cases were built specifically for the gear, so the fit is perfect. Everything was carefully handled on the road, so it's all in great shape. Here are the details: Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine Bass head - Rack-mounted in Custom "Cream Bronco" vinyl-wrapped case w/ black piping & corners - Custom case by A&S cases - heavy duty w/ 1-2" foam Mesa Boogie Vintage Powerhouse 4x10 speaker cabinet - Wrapped in Custom "Cream Bronco" vinyl - Custom gold jute grille and black piping & corners - Custom case by A&S cases - 4 casters (2 lockable), 1" foam, heavy duty I'm asking $2,000 for the lot, but I'll entertain any serious offer. I'm based in Los Angeles, so local pickup would be best, but I'm happy to have a chat about options if you're a serious buyer elsewhere. I'd rather not split the gear up, as it's all meant to go together. Hit me up me with any questions.




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