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Luke Audio Mic Shootout

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We normally don't post news in the HC News section about events that have already happened, but I thought this might be of interest to some of you so I'm posting it here.






Luke Audio Microphone Shootout at United Recording Studios


LOS ANGELES, CA (July 28, 2016) - On March 30th 2016, LA producer Lucas Pimentel secured studio time at the United Recording in Hollywood for a classic 'microphone shootout'. United Recording is not only a legendary studio with a rich history, but the studio also has one of the most comprehensive and unique microphone collections in the world. The access to this collection provided Lucas the opportunity to compare characteristics of the Luke Audio microphones to the vintage tube microphones they were designed to emulate - including the Neumann U-47, the Neumann U-67, the AKG C12 and the Telefunken ELAM 251. Some of these classic microphones from United's mic closet were once used by Frank Sinatra and many other iconic artists.




Aided by a number of producers, engineers and artists, Pimentel recorded A/B comparisons with a variety of sources - piano, voice, guitar, percussion, etc. Lucas recalls from the session, "Each individual microphone is unique. They all have different characteristics - but the Luke Audio microphones were so close to the originals that it was hard to tell the difference." He added, "...it's difficult to truly match the sound of a classic tube microphone 100%, but not everyone has access to vintage mics - so the Luke Audio microphones are definitely a great option. Especially considering the price difference!" All of the audio examples were recording digitally and are available for evaluation on www.lukeaudiollc.com.

See video from the session:







For photos and to compare audio examples of the session, please visit the NEW Luke Audio





Luke Audio products are available at participating dealers and www.wavedistro.com.



About Luke Audio Microphones:


Hand built in Nashville, the Luke Audio AL-X751, AL-X712, AL-X767, and AL-X747 microphones are priced under $2000 so home studio engineers and musicians, as well as professional studios can work and create with the tonal characteristics of legendary vintage microphones. All the AL Series microphones are well suited for a variety of studio applications. For more information, please visit www.lukeaudiollc.com.


About Wave Distro


Wave Distro was established in 1996 by Gil Griffith to provide artists, music stores, pro audio dealers and international audio distributors with only the finest and most interesting audio products available. www.wavedistro.com







Luke Audio LA-751 and the ELAM 251





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