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New Pedalboard


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Looks clean and uniform. The multiple loop in the front is surely helpful too.


I'd have a problem with a board that deep otherwise. You cant get to the back row and keep your balance playing at a gig and its difficult to get a mic stand in next to a deep board and still switch pedals while singing.


If I have to get to my back row, I like having the back elevated on a shelf and tilted forward so getting to those pedals are as easy as getting to the front row.


Since you're using a multi loop setup in the front, that negates having to get to the rear row as much. If anything it may be a bit difficult bending over to tweak those knobs, but once they are set you probably don't need to mess with them much.

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hey gentlemen..greatly appreciate the time you gave to check out this, kinda long, vid! Appreciate the kind feedback - Jonathan deserves all the credit and an award for putting up with me and my limited knowledge!!


I did change my username back when this site went through the major renovation - honestly my old name was misspelling that i didn't know how to correct so this is better for me actually:)


The Wet pedal is the pedal that got this whole thing started for me! i heard it on a friend's board and knew i had to have it - but no room so off we went.


I try NOT to think about the total cost here - the board itself (Brady Cases) was less than $500 - pedal prices are pretty much all online - two Voodoo Lab power supplies hidden underneath. The switches were not all that much honestly, about $125 for both. The cable and connections where under $100 as well.

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