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I’m selling my almost new high-end DAW computer system

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I’m moving toward hardware use completely, so I’m selling my almost new high-end DAW computer system. I bought this custom DAW the first of the year from Studiocat.com (now called Purrrfect Audio). Jim Roseberry, the owner is one of the industries most respected builders of custom DAW systems.


This DAW is in perfect condition and comes with all original materials. (See pictures). It is very quiet. The fan only runs under heavy loads. This computer is a great production machine! It will be rolled back to its original state when I bought it. (Just need to change the admin name & update as desired). I paid over $2200 for this system.


$1700 + shipping USA only



Model = Pro Studio - Skylake

- Case: Silent Mid Tower

- Power-Supply: 750w quiet

- Skylake CPU: 6700

- RAM: 32GB DDR4/2133

- OS drive: 2TB HD

- Audio drive: 2TB HD

- Samples drive: 1TB SSD

- Burner: 24x DVD/RW

- Video: HD-5450 (1GB)

- TI chipset Firewire: ( for all except Tascam, Mackie, or Universal Audio)

- Operating System: Windows 10 x64 Pro



chipset Intel Z170

pcie slots 5

sata3 6

usb3 8 (Intel)

usb2 2 (Intel)

gigabit lan 1 (Intel)


clock-speed 6700k @ 4.2GHz,

cores 6700k = 4 (8 processing threads)


HD5450 HDMI, DVI-I, and VGA (can run two monitors)


See pictures in link below

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