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Summer NAMM rumors and whatnot


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Music Trades Continued:




Levy's Debuts Maya Model Straps

New from Levy's Leathers, the Maya model MC8MAY guitar strap is decorated with native Mayan symbols and is available in Natural, Black, and Tan. This 2"-wide, 100% cotton strap has leather ends and is adjustable to 65".

NAMM Booth 1113








Remo Silentstroke Practice Pad

The Silentstroke Practice Pad from Remo is the perfect tool for drummers who want to keep their chops up at low volume levels. A great education tool for classrooms and drum teaching studios, it features Remo's Silentstroke Drumhead for an 80% reduction in volume. The durable single-ply mesh drumhead material has a soft, spring-like feel and great response. The Pad also has a protective rubber bottom for non-slip and non-scratch tabletop use. The Silentstroke Practice Pad is available in an 8" diameter and fits on the Remo standard Practice Pad stand. It can also be used on a cymbal stand with the new Remo Practice Pad Stand Adaptor. Simply slip the Adaptor onto a cymbal stand, then fit the Practice Pad onto the adaptor and tighten with a drum key. Drummers can also convert their 8" Remo Standard Practice Pad to a Silentstroke Practice Pad with the Silentstroke Practice Pad Drumhead, sold separately.

NAMM Booth 216






SoundSynergies BRITETone Brass Formula

New from SoundSynergies, BRITETone Brass & Winds formula cleans the moisture, funk, and gunk in any instrument. Varying climate and humidity conditions can wreak havoc with sensitive band and orchestral instruments, leading to moisture and condensation that can cause harmful oxidation and corrosion. SoundSynergies recently put its BRITETone Brass & Winds Formula micro-film lubricant and conditioner to the test with before-and-after scanning electron microscope images documenting the product's ability to dislodge troublesome build-up of grime and oxidation in brass and wind instruments. Regular application of BRITETone effectively eliminates the threat of harmful corrosion from both high and low PH contaminants including saliva, smoke, sweat, and the condensation that occurs when instruments are taken outside and back inside a playing venue. BRITETone adds a valuable component to retail music stores as a key product in any complete maintenance and instrument care department. Perfect for school band program budgets, the cost amounts to just pennies per each. SoundSynergies BRITETone is available in a 2 fluid oz. aerosol, eco-friendly 4 oz. pump trigger, or 7 fluid oz. aerosol can. It also comes in a convenient 12-pack retail display box.






Henry Heller Embroidered Sugar Skulls Straps

New from Henry Heller, Sugar Skull embroidered guitar straps are handmade in Noblesville, Indiana. Five woven cotton colors include black, brown, fuchsia, red, and sky blue. Henry Heller guitar straps are available through OMG Music LLC, the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Rotosound Music Strings and Henry Heller product lines.

NAMM Booth 1415






Theo Wanne Classic Series Sax Mouthpieces

Theo Wanne's new Classic Series NY Bros Alto and Slant Sig Tenor were born from Wanne's decades of experience as an expert on vintage mouthpieces. The NY Bros Alto model was designed by incorporating the best features of every Meyer vintage, from the 1940s to the present. It plays with an exceptionally full tone and plenty of projection, making it everything alto players have always wanted from their Meyer-style mouthpiece. Phil Woods called it "the perfect alto mouthpiece!" For the Slant Sig Tenor, Wanne utilized the best design principles from the first Slant Signature Otto Link models of the early 1950s through the Early Babbitt models of the 1970s. Drawing the best features from dozens of examples, Theo Wanne's version is the ultimate vintage Slant Sig Link. Both mouthpieces are made from a proprietary formula of Harry Hartmann's Fiberrod, which sounds as good as vintage hard rubber but will not warp or discolor. This material, combined with Theo Wanne's acclaimed manufacturing and quality control, makes for mouthpieces that are consistent from one to the next, true to design, and extraordinary in quality. Both the NY Bros and Slant Sig are priced to be affordable and accessible to students and professionals alike.






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Music Trades Continued:




Planet Waves Mini-Tuner For Acoustic Guitars

Designed specifically for acoustic guitar, ukulele, and other acoustic instruments, the chromatic NS Micro Soundhole Tuner remains perfectly concealed within the instrument's soundhole for discreet tuning. The non-marring universal mounting clip allows for stress-free installation, while the highly sensitive piezo transducer senses vibrations directly from the soundboard for fast and accurate tuning response. The bright, multi-color display allows easy viewing in any environment. MSRP $39.95.

NAMM Booth 1001






American Way Mouth Protector For Kids With Braces

American Way Marketing's faxx Lip Protector is a protective device for musicians who wear braces. Designed by a dentist, this soft, pliable, medical-grade plastic channel fits easily over the brackets of orthodontic braces to prevent lip and cheek discomfort while playing wind instruments. Inexpensive and attractive, the faxx Lip Protector is available in both clear and fluorescent colors.

NAMM Booth 1401






Coffin Cases For Every Electric Guitar & Bass

With its trademarked coffin shape, black steel hardware, and plush diamond quilted red velvet interiors, Coffin Case has three models to fit almost any electric guitar or bass. The G-185 fits standard-shaped electrics (Strat and Les Paul shapes). The B-195 fits standard P-Bass shaped electric basses as well as extreme shaped guitars (BC Rich Warlock, Schecter, and ESP). The 300VX fits all extreme shape guitars and basses (such as Jackson, BC Rich, and Dean) for those hard-to find-cases. Coffin Case products retail for USD $129-$149.






Sabian Vanguard Cymbals Join HH Remastered Series

Sabian has expanded its acclaimed Remastered HH cymbal series with the new Vanguard line. Like all HH cymbals, Vanguard models are fully hand-hammered, but there are key differences. Vanguard cymbals employ pinpoint lathing rather than traditional lathing. Also, Vanguard cymbals are thinner and lighter, with smaller bells and extended profiles overall. The result is clean, woody stick definition, providing exceptional articulation for such light cymbals. Drummers who prefer dark cymbals with fast responses will love HH Vanguard cymbals, especially fans of the HHX Evolution line. They provide an elegant, crystalline complexity of sound that is always musical. Choose the 16" or 18" for immediate responses, or the 20", 21", or 22" for less overall wash. Striking in appearance, 14" Vanguard Hats deliver an ultra-smooth transition from a fat, meaty foot "chick" to a dry closed stick sound. They are completely raw on the bottoms, and lathed only on the outer 2" area of the tops, lined the rest of the way to the cup. They provide complex tone that blends exceedingly well, while offering enough power for mainstream sounds.

NAMM Booth 215







Switchcraft Bluetooth Audio Receiver

New from Switchcraft, a leading U.S. manufacturer of connectors and cables, the 318BT is an inline, phantom-powered Bluetooth audio receiver. The latest solution in Switchcraft's popular AudioStix family of inline audio tools, the 318BT allows instant introduction of wireless audio to a system with no software, cables, or batteries needed. The 318BT is a small, wireless audio receiver that utilizes 4.0 Bluetooth technology to stream audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device. If phantom power is not available, the 318BT is equipped with an Aux 5V Micro USB port for external power. It has a durable anodized aluminum housing, a front LED status indicator confirming connection to the device, Switchcraft's three-pin balanced XLR connector, and more. Applications include background music, presentations, house of worship, music rehearsals, etc.

NAMM Booths 827 and 926





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Music Trades Continued:




Digitech Ventura Vibe Rotary/Vibrato Pedal

The Ventura Vibe Rotary/Vibrato pedal from DigiTech adds spinning, swaying movement to guitar sound. It delivers both vintage and modern sounds with three rotary/vibrato effect types. Each can be uniquely contoured to accentuate high frequencies and driven to distort via the Ventura Vibe's stacked Tone and Drive controls. Additionally, the Ventura Vibe's foot-switchable speed function allows the player to ramp between slow and fast speed on the fly. Demo at

. $149.95 Street.

NAMM Booth 1143







Casio Expands Celviano Grand Hybrid Line

Casio's new GP-400BK has joined the Celviano Grand Hybrid lineup, which combines the advantages of both digital and acoustic pianos while delivering the performance of a grand piano. As with the previously released GP-500BP and GP-300BK models, the new GP-400BK is equipped with the company's AiR Grand Sound Source and Grand Hammer Action keyboard. The keyboard features full-length wooden grand piano keys that are made with the same materials and processes as keys on C. Bechstein grand pianos, and the action features as the same essential weighting and pivot points, providing a faithful, uncompromising feel. The series also features piano tones jointly developed with C. Bechstein. The AiR Grand Sound Source reproduces the same sound and rich reverberation as a grand piano. Moreover, the String Resonance System, designed to deliver the string resonance of a grand piano, controls the amount and combination of resonance according to the playing situation. By producing reverberation that fits each of the 88 keys, the technology enables natural and comfortable performance. Moreover, Damper Resonance, Lid Simulation, and Key Release Simulation further the experience. The new GP-400BK which boasts a curved rear panel and thicker side panels and legs. The height from the keyboard to the music stand has also been made the same as a conventional grand piano for an experience even more like that of playing a grand piano. MSRP $4,999.

NAMM Booth 431






Cort's New Grand Regal Acoustic Line

The new Cort Guitar Grand Regal line of acoustic guitars features exotic wood combinations that the company has never used before. The new line debuts with the GA5F-MD Grand Auditorium model, but will be expanded to include a broad selection of body styles. The Grand Regal GA5F-MD features a grand auditorium body with solid European spruce top, Madagascar rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard. It comes standard with a Fishman Presys EQ, 45mm bone nut, ebony bridge pins, D'Addario strings, and a sonically enhanced UV finish on the natural color.

NAMM Booth 1126






Radial Debuts mPress Audio Distribution System

New from Radial Engineering Ltd. the mPress and Exo-Pod comprise a radically new press audio distribution system that offers nearly unlimited signal expansion without degradation or noise. The mPress is configured in two parts with a master host, the mPress, and a series of external slaves called Exo-Pods. The mPress is housed in a standard 1RU 19" rack enclosure and has two mic inputs, both of which are equipped with a variable level control high-pass filter to eliminate excessive resonance and tame the proximity effect. For podium mics, 48V phantom power, recessed to prevent accidental use, can be activated using a front panel switch. There are eight specially designed balanced outputs, with two on the front panel and six on the rear. Each may be configured using a recessed switch for mic level or high output drive to feed an Exo-Pod. This allows the mPress to be used as a 2x8 distro for smaller events or expanded by adding Exo-Pods on the outputs. To accommodate "walk-in" music, the mPress is equipped with 1/4", RCA, and 3.5mm stereo inputs along with a separate level control. This enables the mPress to be connected to a couple of powered speakers via the main stereo XLR outputs to provide background entertainment while the gallery waits for the "talent" to arrive. A headphone output on the front panel is available for local monitoring and troubleshooting. The Exo-Pod is a passive floor box that features an XLR input, a throughput for expansion, a local level control plus ten XLR mic outputs and four 3.5mm mini TRS outs for those who are equipped with a mini recorder. MAP: $1,099.99 USD for the main mPress unit and $279.99 USD for each Exo-Pod module.






Concord Pegasus Horse Hair For Bows

A longtime supplier of high-quality Mongolian horse hair for orchestral bows, Concord International is expanding to carry three grades of bow hair, in various lengths, under the Concord Pegasus brand. Concord's unbleached natural white Mongolian horsetail hair comes from company-controlled sources and is processed in Concord's own factory. Company President Chi Yang has been a leader in bringing horsehair supplies for bow-making to the U.S. Concord Pegasus horse hair is available in three grades: Select (triple-drawn), Professional (double triple-drawn), and Superior (single pick). All horse hair is consistently sorted by grade, length, thickness, and strength, and is fumigated using ET-Hylene Oxide. In addition to the standard natural white, black and "salt and pepper" horse hair is also available in regular stock. The horse hair is imported frequently, so supplies are always fresh.



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Music Trades Continued:




IMS Dog & Cat Instrument Tuners

New to IMS Technologies' Charactune family of clip-on instrument tuners, cute bulldog and cat models have presets for chromatic (virtually any instrument), guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele and work great with fretted, string, woodwind, and brass instruments. The bulldogs come in blue, brown, red, and yellow, while the cats come in blue, green, red, and yellow. Each has a suggested retail of $19.99, and a portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to a fund to directly help cancer patients and their families. IMS's complete line of Charactune Tuners, BLOWiT Fans, Christopher Referencing Speakers, and the critically acclaimed charity CD Giving Shelter will be displayed at the NAMM Show.

NAMM Booth 32






American Recorder Distributes RMV

American Recorder Technologies, Inc. is now the exclusive distributor of RMV Drumheads in North America. RMV is based in Brazil and is the leading manufacturer of drumheads in South America. RMV Drumheads are completely crimped to the aluminum rim, not glued. This sure-grip system allows for ideal resonance and superior durability, ensuring these drumheads simply will not pull out of their rims. The precisely formed hoops provide a perfect fit every time, helping drums stay in tune. RMV offers a full line of single and multi-ply drumheads both in clear and with proprietary coatings.






Alfred's Drum Wars By Carmine & Vinny Appice

Alfred Music, the world leader in educational print music publishing since 1922, announces the release of Drum Wars, a fun and instructional approach to learning drum solos. Written by Carmine, Appice, Vinny Appice, and Eric Fischer Drum Wars is a book and DVD kit that breaks down drum solos of Carmine and Vinny into easily digestible sections. By being able to view the included video footage of the solos at slower speeds, students can see, hear, and thoroughly understand each section. With the addition of MP3s, each solo is presented with the clearest sound, even at slower speeds. In the book, each section of the solos is notated and explained, and comes with foundational patterns that will help students learn the recorded solo patterns slowly. A complete transcription of each solo is also included for reading students. SRP $21.99. Drum Wars is also a tour hosted by brothers Carmine and Vinny Appice, world-famous drummers who have worked with Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart, Black Sabbath, and John Lennon. To learn more about their Drum War campaign, visit drumwars.com for more information.

NAMM Booth 735






Elite Acoustics All-In-One Bluetooth P.A.

New from Elite Acoustics Designs, Inc., the A1BR8 Compact Three Channel Rechargeable Mini PA Speaker System with Bluetooth is designed and assembled in the USA. Compact and portable, this professional, high-fidelity mini p.a. system is bi-amplified and features a 4" woofer paired with a 1" tweeter to provide maximum sound clarity. With three channels, the A1BR8 has inputs for a variety of instrument and microphone combinations, 16 effects with mix level control, +48V phantom power, and an AUX input for jamming along with an MP3 player. Each channel has independent volume controls, effects level control, mute, and three-band EQ on speaker outputs. The system weighs about 16 lbs. and features Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery for up to 15 hours of play time. The speakers are powered by a Class D amplifier and Class V adaptor that is EnergyStar compliant. MSRP $399.99.

NAMM Booth 1309






Zither Music Company's Original Z Stand

The graceful and elegant Z Stand, made by Zither Music Company, gives guitarists a secure and beautiful way to display their acoustic or electric guitar. The award-winning original Z Stand's strong and stable design features the String Swing cradle, the finest available. Handcrafted in the USA and described as "functional art," the Z Stand is available in a choice of cherry (shown), mahogany, maple, pecan, and walnut. MSRP $149.95, with free shipping.

NAMM Booth 1711




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Mod Kits DIY Offers Step Ladder Kit

The new Step Ladder kit from Mod Kits DIY is a passive input attenuator featuring high-quality components for excellent reliability. True-bypass mode provides the maximum signal level. The attenuator pot and two toggle switches allow for flexibility in the amount of signal attenuation when not in bypass mode. Treble bleed capacitors in the circuit let users retain crisp high frequencies even at maximum attenuation. With the Step Ladder, players can get a slight boost while playing single note acoustic guitar leads--or jump from clean to overdrive in a high-gain electric guitar amp. Its compact size (3-3/4" x 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" enclosure) fits in most guitar cases, and battery-free operation means it will be ready to go whenever it's needed. Mod Kits DIY products are available from CE Distribution.

NAMM Booth 926








Thomastik-Infeld Alphayue Strings

Designed to be the first string in a student's journey, Thomastik-Infeld's Alphayue strings are designed to improve the sound of even the most basic of student instruments, thus elevating the whole orchestra. Their advanced synthetic core delivers a rich, colorful sound that's impossible to achieve with solid steel core strings. Offering a long lifespan, and unaffected by temperature and humidity changes, they also get in tune and stay in tune with a short break-in time. With instant response, easy playability, and colorful tone, Alphayue makes making music a treat. Available in full and fractional sizes for violin, Alphayue strings join Thomstik-Infeld's more advanced family members including Dominant, Vision, Spirit, and Peter Infeld strings, among others. MSRP $37.99. MAP $19.99.

NAMM Booth 904






Rock-Tips Liquid Callus Formula

Rock-Tips is a non-toxic brush-on liquid designed to protect sensitive fingertips while playing a guitar, bass, or other stringed instrument. Now in its fifth year, this trademarked formula has been extensively field-tested both on and off stage by thousands of stringed instrument musicians. When applied to fingertips, the fast-drying Rock-Tips formula creates a thin, tough, unobtrusive, protective membrane that allows musicians to play longer and build calluses faster. A "must-have" for every string player's gig bag, each 4 ml. bottle lasts about two months when used daily, or longer for occasional users. Rock-Tips is made in the USA and available at 70 independent musical suppliers in the U.S. and in 33 markets worldwide. MSRP $12.95.






[TABLE=class: TitleBG, border: 0, cellpadding: 5, cellspacing: 0]


[TD=colspan: 1]Godlyke Presents TWA WR-3 Wah Rocker

New from Godlyke, Inc., the TWA WR-3 Wah Rocker is based on the vintage Guyatone WR-3 circuit to nail the squawky, slippery, super-funked-up filtering of the original. It also features several updates to greatly improve its functionality and performance. Hand-assembled in the USA, the WR-3 Wah Rocker features the same quality and attention to detail as TWA's other award-winning pedals, yet in a more compact and affordable package. The Threshold Control adjusts the sensitivity of the filter, while the Decay Control adjusts the speed at which the filter comes off the Peak frequency. Range Control adjusts the frequency band in which the filter sweeps. Gain Control adjusts the output level of the pedal from unity gain to a healthy boost. Blend Control blends dry and effected signals for a wider variety of tones. Guitar/Bass Switch switches internal circuitry to achieve the massive low-end filtering of the vintage Bottom Wah Rocker. Other features include: proprietary S3 "Shortest Send Switching" relay-based True Bypass switching, external 9 VDC or on-board 9-Volt Battery power options, and a three-year warranty. Street price $189.












New ReedGeek G4 Combo Set

The new ReedGeek G4 Black Diamond Plaque & Gauge set allows woodwind players to quickly and easily determine mouthpiece facing lengths and gauge the position for the most effective reed adjustment and balancing. The ReedGeek G4 Black Diamond is the newest member of the ReedGeek Universal family. Made of state-of-the-art USA defense-grade alloy and proprietary black diamond wear finish, the G4 provides ultimate refinement of the cut on both natural cane and synthetic reeds. Other features include a distinct front scraper-profiler and two new elongated and curved rail bevels, which are designed to profile rails and re-contour the spine of both single and double reeds to the player's liking. ReedGeek products are manufactured 100% in the USA.



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And lastly ... MusicTrades Continued:






Cooperstand Pro-Tandem Instrument Stand

The Pro-Tandem guitar stand from Cooperstand is constructed from African sapele and will support one or two instruments including acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, violin, and more. Cooperstand's highly refined Pro-Tandem comes in a black velveteen bag and folds up in two quick moves to store in the back of many amplifiers or gear bags. Great for on-the-go musicians who use more than one instrument, the Pro-Tandem is extremely stable, highly functional, and ideal for use on the road as well as in the home or studio. The Pro-Tandem is also an excellent display stand for the retail dealer.

NAMM Booth 1013







Evans '56 - Calftone Bass Drumheads

As a throwback to the year Evans was founded, Evans '56 is a new series of products geared towards drummers looking for a vintage look and sound. Making its debut in this new series is a line of Calftone drumheads--a synthetic alternative to traditional calfskin. These heads embody the calfskin look and sound but with the consistency, fit, and tuning range made standard with Level 360 Technology. Calftone is made using a 12mil Mylar base blended with unique materials to produce warm, full, and rich tones. These heads bring out the best of a vintage kit and evoke a classic appearance and sound from modern drums. This line will come in vintage-style Evans '56 Calftone packaging. Bass heads are available in sizes 16-26" and in three different versions--Calftone, EQ4 Calftone, and EMAD Calftone.

NAMM Booth 1001







Unique Bravo Synthetic Reeds From HW Products

Now available from HW Products, new Bravo reeds are synthetic, yet they're engineered for a tone, feel, and performance that are as good as cane. With Bravo, there's no more dealing with the inconsistency of cane reeds or the unresponsiveness and high cost of synthetic reeds. The engineered manufacturing process guarantees the consistency every player deserves. In addition, a strict non-toxic code certified by the stringent standards of the European Union protects musicians and workers in the Bravo reed factory. These reeds are also recyclable. Bravo reeds are priced competitively with cane. Students and professionals alike can benefit from the resistance to tip cracking, indifference to humidity and heat, instant playability, and significantly longer reed life compared to the best cane reeds. HW Products is the U.S. distributor of Bravo reeds.





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Ibanez introduces Artwood Vintage Thermo-Aged acoustic guitars Wood chosen for the new line of guitars is heated in a vacuum to release water and decompose resin, creating a light, hard and stable tonewood - just like one that's been dried for decades - while providing a stronger acoustic response.

A full-bodied low-end and smooth treble sustain is promised for the guitars, which come in three guises: dreadnought, grand concert and parlour, featuring a choice of two tops (mahogany and Sitka spruce).




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