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MoForte GeoShred iPad App "Crowdsourced" Pro Review

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On 6/6/2016 at 5:54 PM, Anderton said:



I loved this iPad app when I first tried it, and several months later…I love it more. But that’s because even though it’s an iPad app, it’s a musical instrument and like all musical instruments, I’m getting better at it. To find out more about GeoShred, please check out my review.


So it’s time for a Pro Review, but this time, we’ll be taking a different tack: a crowdsourced Pro Review. Of course, all Pro Reviews are crowdsourced to a great degree because everyone is invited to comment and ask questions, but we’re going one step further:


We’ll provide 15 of you with a free, unlimited code to download the app so you can review it yourself!


However, there’s a catch: You have to commit to trying out GeoShred, and commenting on your experiences in this thread. And of course, you also need an iPad 2 or higher. How easy/difficult is it to learn? Which options do you like best? What do you think of the modeling effects? Is this something you’d use in the studio or live? Don’t agonize over writing a huge summary, but do a post every now and then as you find out more about the app, starting with your first impressions. I’d rather see 20 quick, interesting posts than one huge post, but if you want to do huge posts…be my guest!


And feel free to create audio or video examples we can post on the Harmony Central YouTube channel.


So here’s what you need to do:


PM me (Anderton) and explain why you want to check out GeoShred (determines who gets a code in case of a tie), and that you understand in return for getting a free download code, you’ll be posting in this thread. That’s all there is to it! Allow a day or two after your request before you get the code. If you don’t receive a reply, it simply means we’ve run out of codes…but you can certainly feel free to spring the bucks to get your own, and comment anyway.


I really think you’re gonna love this app, but thanks to this Pro Review, you can be the judge of that and let us know what you think. Have fun, and let the games begin!



Is this still on, as of today?

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