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Swart SRT Tweed Question

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But Chris Masterson, guitarist with Steve Earle plays Swart Amps. He sounds amazing.


He also was playing out of a Duesenberg at one time.



Another company you should check into that's doing a vintage retro thing is


Vintage 47 amps. They are all low watters. 5-12 watts. They might be ti old school 50's for ya






The newer Supro stuff I have only seen on Youtube, but they look great. I might have there TremoVerb on my wish list.


I think this years guitar purchase for me with me a Epiphone Casino Elitist. I have quite a few amps now.







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Even a 5 watt amp cranked can be pretty loud, you just will not have any headroom in the clean department.


You kind of need to narrow it down on the style of music you play most.


That's why I have many amps low watters and med watt amps from 5 watters to the fender twin at 135 watts.


I have one Mesa left. The short lived Nomad 55. With the master volume it's quiet and has 3 channels of gain at almost any volume. A Mark 25 might be just what you need for rock, classic rock and more.

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