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iOS 9.3 Has Issues

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Sorry if it's too late for you guys - I posted it hoping it would help some people who might see it before updating. I got the update downloaded on one of our phones, but I checked right before installing it - and saw that there are serious problems with it. Check the article though - there are a couple of work-arounds listed in it that might help you get by until Apple gets things fixed.

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And I thought the aut-updates on my Google Nexus 7 tablet were problematic!


(Well, they are. Buying an auto-updating OS device was part of the initial appeal -- and things were fine for around two years but toward the end of Android 4.x, things got really hinky. 5.x was supposed to fix things but really didn't. This is, of course, a Google-branded 'flagship' device. =/ Meanwhile, my non-updating LG phone is still back on Android 2.3 and runs like a damn champ! It's a brilliant little device that keeps on ticking. Of course, I can't let the dreaded Google Play Services onto it or let any of Google's own, thoroughly bloated apps update.)



Anyhow, I see Apple Support now has a Twitter feed. I don't think that's going to last in its current form very long, judging from the long, long, long stream of complaints about a wide range of Apple's premium products.





PS... Appears the problem is javascript -- not Java. Since the buggy and problematic Oracle Java runtime is all but banned from iDevices, I couldn't figure out why that would be a problem. But the benighted 'web 2.0' that Apple's divergence from accepted web standards helped turn into a rolling klusterfudge is all but totally dependent on the very different javascript scripting language that provides 'advanced' capabilities at the browser-end. (Javascript is also sometimes used in some sever scenarios, but it's primarily oriented to runtime in local browsing software.)



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Good news indeed! Not that I don't trust them, but I think I'll just poke around the web a bit and see if everyone seems happy with it so far before deciding to install it... ;)


Please file a report with the results of your findings...


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