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Yamaha TG33-SY22-SY35 Sounds & Editor

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This was hard to find, but I found it....it also includes all (I think) of the sound cards made for the TG33-SY22-SY35.


Editing with this allows you to do things impossible to do without it.


At common prices, it seems like the SY22 is a better deal than the TG33 as they often cost less and give you keys.


I wouldn't want it as my only synth, but when it's used for layering with other synths, it's outstanding.


I never liked the way you have to rackmount the TG33. It takes too much space. They should have put a joystick on the front panel of a 1 rackspace module.


If you rackmount it on a sliding shelf, it would be better but it would still take more rackspace than it should. I understand they wanted to put the same joystick that the keyboard has, but a smaller one that would have fit on the front panel of a single rackspace unit would have been way better.


Yamaha TG33-SY22-SY35 Sounds & Editor



Yamaha SY22 Specs


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The TG33 editor sounds very interesting. Which platform is it for? Is it the Plompy editor for Windows?


If not -- unfortunately the OneDrive link to the editor is no longer working. I'm wondering whether it is still to be found.


Also, a question about the wave cards. Did they contain patch parameter data only, or did they also include further audio wave samples?

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