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A really cool Eddie Kramer interview...

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Most of you almost certainly know who Eddie is, but for those who don't, you should - he's worked with a few people you may have heard of, and knows his stuff when it comes to audio engineering and production.


I saw this interview and I thought some of you might want to check it out too, so here is the link. Enjoy! :wave:



PS And feel free to discuss what he said (and express your POV about it) here. :)

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I liked the general theme of the interview which is that too much technology actually gets in the way of the music's ability to communicate emotion. His job seems to be putting the breaks on before the music suffers from over production.


Regarding pitch corrected vocals..

"everything sounds so bloody perfect. And then when you hear the singer live, you wonder, who is that?"




This movie is well worth the watch and features Eddie along with some of the original multi-tracks and some great insights into the recording process...


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