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M-Audio FireWire Solo question.

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Greetings and felicitations to one and all. In spite of my well known genius and talent for erudite and urbane conversation, my excellent and highly refined nose for fine wines, my boundless intellect, craggy but finely chiseled masculine features and of course my consummate modesty I have met with a conundrum for which I can find no easy answer in the hallowed halls of academia which I commonly frequent. My query is as follows; in return for services rendered I have received by way of payment a small but high quality recording interface. It is an M-Audio FireWire Solo and is ideal for home use. Here's the problem - it is equipped with two firewire ports whereas my Apple Mac has none. The Mac is, however, equipped with no less than two ports of the Thunderbolt variety - a type of port peculiar to Macs and which apparently has even more bandwidth than the firewire. What I would like to know is this - is there an adapter whereby I can plug the interface into the thunderbolt port and if there is will it be able to also power the item, rather than my having to use a separate power supply. I have recently embarked on a spree of song writing and if this conundrum can be solved I will be able to record and release to the wider world several of my magnum opuses which it would be a shame to keep locked away. Then the world will rejoice as it sings along with soon-to-be classics from the pen of yours truly; indeed the world will be a better place when its teeming masses get to enjoy such titles from my repertoire as, "How Can I Say I Love You When You're Sitting On My Face" "Yo Momma! Is That A Sausage In Your Ear!" "Can't Get Enough Black Pudding Boogie Woogie" "Grandma Still Has Mojo When She Swings Them Metal Hips" These and many other works of genius from the mind of one of the 21st century's greatest emitters of posterior methane will be available to a grateful public. For a small remuneration, of course. One has to periodically replenish one's wine cellar in order to maintain one's social standing.

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