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New free dynamic delay plugin from iZotope, but there's a catch...

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And the catch is, it's only free for a limited time - until March 10th - so you have to hurry if you want to get it for free.




BTW, stuff like this gets posted regularly in the HC News, which you can see on the front page of Harmony Central. Bookmark it and check it out daily for the latest news and new gear announcements, as well as the latest how-to articles and gear reviews. :idea::wave:





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Thanks for posting that Phil.


I did download and played with it for a little while. It's pretty easy to see why its a Freebee.

as far as the layout goes its very similar to Voxengo Tempo delay with a few additions (I wish the Tempo delay had)

The repeat can be synced to the beat on this one, but the results I was getting with that sync weren't so hot on the one song I was testing.

I'll mess with it more and see what happens.


#1 things I notices was the plugin is a dog for sucking CPU resources. Attempting to move the dials was glitch city. I only have that issue on CPU hogs.


#2. The graphics are horrible. The faded semitransparent look of the knobs sucks. When you have several buttons selected you get this color shift which makes it even worse. I'd rather deal with a high contrast black and white then to deal with that. They have some kind of enhancement that makes the colors flutter with a sound track too. That's a waste of resources right there and its not going to impress a professional if it costs resources and makes the knobs all glitch.


#3. No presets. What I have been getting instead is hand written sheets as presets. It may be a nifty marketing gimmick, but as far as being useful its a looser. That's an old way of doing things that you had to do when you worked in analog. It became obsolete 21 years ago when you could save presets for plugins. I'm an old analog guy too. Last thing I want to have to do is make out someone scribble on a chart. I mean really, "Muddy Waters Invented Electricity" Its a cool lesson on how the Dinosaurs did things but anyone who hasn't adopted saving presets to work from has a major gap in their productivity.


Its not like you have to use presets, but I do find they can save time getting to some basic usable settings and it also allows the manufacturer to showcase/show off what the plugin can do based on their sales literature.


I'll likely use it for a week and see if it does anything really unique. I'm hoping it does because I can use another unique echo. So far, the free Voxengo Tempo delay blows its doors off in every category. Sound quality, adjustable parameters, high visability, low CPU resources and especially the high quality, tape like response. Can't justify spending $50 on something like this one if it cant match what a free plugin does but it is free so I'll give it a fair shot before I give a final thumbs up or down.

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