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Best way to transfer work between DAWs (iPad and DAW)

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Currently I have a Mac Mini with the latest version of Logic Pro X. I love Logic Pro and I am very happy with it but sometimes it is just more convenient to record using my Focusrite iTrack and an iPad. Currently I'm using Cubasis on my iPad. What I would like to be able to do is record sometimes using my iPad and iTrack, then transfer it to my Mac Mini and polish it using Logic Pro X.


Although I'm currently using Cubasis I'm not necessarily set on it. If there is another iPad app that would allow me to do what I want easier and more efficiently please let me know. I'm not sure Garageband on the iPad is an option, I'm just not impressed with it.


I would like to be able to transfer individual tracks from the iPad to Logic Pro X. If that is possible please let me know how.



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Cubasis on the iPad supports:


  • Export to Cubase, Dropbox, SoundCloud, AudioCopy & email

  • Import audio from your iTunes music library or using iTunes filesharing, use AudioPaste or set up a Wi-Fi server in Cubasis





In light of that, why not just continue to use that app on your iPad and then export the tracks in whatever method works best for you, then import them into Logic?

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