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Cool video - Daptone House of Soul Studio

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Very cool!


Love his take on album length, too.


Watch at 6redface.gif2 - look at the light bulbs in the big "R" in the background....lol.gif




Check it at 0: 09, and they're all working...


As far as album length, I couldn't agree more. You can't get more than 22 minutes per side on a vinyl record without making serious sonic compromises, so records never went past 45 minutes, and as he said, were typically in the 15-20 minute per side range. An album should never run 50 or 60 minutes (or more), and "single" albums didn't start hitting those lengths until the CD era. You can fit upwards of 70 minutes on a CD - but just because you can doesn't automatically mean that you should. smile.png

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