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Tribus Drive, 3-in-1 Analog Effects


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Greenchild Tribus Drive


Three Independent Channels In One


Proudly hand-built in the USA; formulated specifically for boost stacking.

  • Three independently voiced channels
  • Boost stacking
  • Random access loop switching: alternate between overdrive/distortion with a single stomp. No more tap dancing.
  • MOSFET based distortion
  • True mechanical bypass across all three channels
  • Properly matched input and output impedance (buffered)
  • Hand-built in the USA with premium quality components



Dual gain topology: 27dB of clean boost on tap with tons of power to drive your amp into pure, glorious saturation. The unique Bone Ray circuit matches the flexibility of a traditional three knob tone stack with only two knobs.




An extremely versatile MOSFET overdrive with dynamic soft clipping, just begging to be pushed into saturation by the boost channel.




Distortion served with tons of dirt and saturated gain. A MOSFET based circuit with tones that range from blues-rock to heavy metal, and unique voice control that adds punch or clarity on demand.








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