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Free app gives room treatment recommendations?

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Did anyone else see or hear about this yet? It's a new app from Auralex - I just read the press release about it in the HC News...



I'm not sure what to think about this one yet. I have not downloaded or tried it yet, but I'm going to. Naturally as you might expect, it's going to give out recommendations for their own products, but it remains to be seen how well an app can suss out your room and make appropriate recommendations.



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I'd love to see that!


As for Auralex, their only useful product for treating a small room (IMO) is their MegaLENRD corner foam. The regular LENRDs are not deep enough to absorb down in the 80 - 90 Hz range where the nodes are in a smallish room. Four MegaLENRDs and a (large) overhead tube trap tuned to 90 Hz work for my control room. I don't know which of their products they could possibly recommend for a small room.


Terry D.

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I have a fair amount of their stuff, but I ran my own numbers and determined what I needed and where I needed to place it. I do like their diffusers, although they're pretty expensive. Their fiberglass absorbers and raw mineral wool were also very useful IMO. Foam can be useful for things like flutter echo and early reflection issues too (especially when it's really thick like with the Mega LENRDs), but if someone is expecting anything approaching true broadband absorption from the thin 2" stuff, they're going to be disappointed.

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