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Keyboard/Pad MIDI Controller

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I'm looking into getting a keyboard, w/ pads, to use as a MIDI Controller in Pro Tools. I want to use it to trigger drum samples and use all the virtual instruments that came with PT12. I have a low budget so I localized my search to the Mini category. The two mini controllers that get the best reviews are the Akai MPK Mini MK2 and Novation Launchkey Mini. However, I just got done reading a thread over on AudioBus.com where both these units were being torn to shreds.. most everything was being criticized.. bad feel on the pads and keys, poor velocity sensitivity, etc.

I'm planning on making the trip over to Guitar Center this weekend to try these out first hand, but I'm assuming that there are OOP units, or maybe ones that won't be in-stock, that I should be looking into. Maybe I could even find a good deal on a used non-Mini controller. I'm super unfamiliar with MIDI and virtual instruments. It'd be awesome if anyone could share some of their experiences with controllers that they use and like.




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