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International Bluegrass Music Association Awards Happening 10/1/15 in Raleigh, NC

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According to AXS, “The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) will present its 26th annual awards on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 as part of its five-day World of Bluegrass event, the music genre’s premiere gathering of industry professionals. The awards show will be held at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts’ Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh, NC, where the IBMA’s annual trade conference is in the third year of a six year residency. The IBMA Awards Show will be broadcast live on Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s Bluegrass Junction channel, and in syndication will reach more than 300 U.S. markets and 14 foreign networks.”


For more information, see the full story by Renee Wright.


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I just was at the FreshGrass fest here in town a few weeks ago.


The Del McCoury Band was there and they put on a killer show. They dress the part too. Classy old school.


I saw the Gibson Brothers, this year and last year. The Punch Brother twice this year.


You should go to the FreshGrass Fest, cause they had Deering there and a few smaller builders, but Gibson Musical Instruments should have some representation at FreshGrass. The dAddario rep was there and I told her I could find the 10 pack of EXP acoustic Bronze string. She told me it's called the Pro Pack.






If you do go book your commendations at The Porches and do it early.


This is the line up from a few weeks ago.





My fav bands this year at FreshGrass 2015 was Birds Of Chicago. A husband and wife team, whose vocs are different night and day, but blend together amazingly well.


They are not really bluegrass and it was nice to see things get broken up a lil bit between BG, Folk and roots music.














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Here ya go Craig and Gibby management.


It's smaller than many other events, but a good time.


Tix are on sale already for 2016. Not that Tickets are hard to get, but if you don't book a room soon, you'll be sleeping in a tent or the company van.




Give it some thought.


Load up a travel trailer with your finest acoustic stuff and do a road show.


Doesn't have to be the upper crusty American made Gibson stuff ( bring some moderate priced Epiphone stuff too), because this past year Eastman was there with plenty of imported instruments. The Eastman stuff looks rather nice and was well constructed.


I'm not sure folks are buying there, but it's PR to remind folks why Gibson/ Epiphone, over many other very nice built instruments that are out there.




I just thought you should know, and if you are there for 2016, I'll make sure to say hello.


Oh and it's a rain or shine 3 day, and I have seen it rain.



FreshGrass Bluegrass Festival 2016 link





Until later, enjoy some Del McCoury



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Love me some Gibson Brothers! Mike Barber is my favorite upright bassist. He gets the best tone ever.



Joe Walsh left the Gibson Brothers either this year or late last year. He plays with a band called Mr. Sun.


Joe is a monster on the mandolin. I've been to a few of his work shops. I'm not fit to warm a seat at his workshops.


Mr Sun is a bit of bluegrass, a bit jazz, with some old timey mixed in.


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One of my fav double bass players is Bryn Davis, who plays with the Rowan/ Rice Quartet. Byn is more rock a billy slap at times. The last time I saw her, she was touring with Justin Townes Earle.





My all time fav double bass player is Chris Wood. The guy is a monster and his playing is clean.


For the longest time I wanted to see The Wood Bros live. I made up for on in the last few yeas seeing them a couple times a year over the past few year.


This vid to totally worth watching if you ask me. Watch Chris dig into those strings.




I saw Chris with Medeski Martin & Wood last year. Awesome, but not structured enough for me.







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