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Problem with a peavey CS series amp?

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Hey all,


So... i was re-doing the set up on my churches PA setup tonight... it had been moved around a bit and wasnt sounding great.


System is Yamaha MG32/14 into drive rack PA + into Yamaha P7000s driving 2 x Peavey SP3 and a single channel of a peavey CS4080 driving a single QW218. I'd had reported to me that it "wasnt working" so i did a run over.


So - ran the usual setup on the driverack PA+, and got to the limiters. Didnt have any pink noise handy, so i just used an MP3. Disconnected the speakers and set the limiters for the mid highs to prevent the amp clipping as best i can. I know the PA+ isnt a real RMS limiter, but the CS4080 is only 125% of RMS for that sub anyway. Pushed up the volume on the desk quite a bit to try to find the clipping point for the CS4080 - didnt enter clipping at all (Note: just to confirm, i've just consulted the manual, the DDT limiting is non defeatable, correct?) but it suddenly tripped the breaker on the power board and switched itself off - now when i turn it back on, it does the same thing - its on/off switch physically moves into the off position and it trips the breaker on the power board.


Any ideas on what i've done to it? It is acting like its shorting out somewhere i think? Do i need to check it again when it cools down or is it repair technician time? (note - it had only been running for perhaps ten minutes, so its not like it was hot). Should this be covered by warranty?

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