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Is there a VST/DAW vocal harmonizer... whose pitches I can play on-the-fly?

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Hey guys! Wazzup! Long time, no see.


Hey, I am hot 'n' heavy back into my music again. I have a question. Remember how, in the ancient days of the 1990's there was that hardware gadget (I had one, I think it was called the Digidesign VHM5) whereby you'd sing live, then play MIDI notes simultaneously, and it would instantly add those vocal harmonies... with quite convincing formant correction (if you added a soup of reverb, LOL).


Well, I'm trying to do the same thing in the DAW environment. (where you'd think such a thing would be a breeze). I have a track of a solo female vocal, and I would like to add layers of harmony to her own voice. Ideally, I'd like to play those harmonies in live via my MIDI keyboard.... or, barring that, sequence MIDI notes onto a parallel MIDI track, and have those notes trigger the VST audio plugin to add those harmonies.


There is some freeware POS online that does something similar, but it makes no attempt to formant-correct, so you get chipmunks and Darth Vader galore. Sounds like s***.


Any ideas or leads here?



Thank you. Good to be back.





P.S. If you can believe it, I am trying, at 52, to learn how to sequence the EDM/Dubstep/Chillout/Glitch stupid 2-chord s*** that the kiddos are into. :-)

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Good to see you Ras! :cool2: Here's a couple of plugins you might want to look into...






I have and occasionally use this one, but it's TDM-only. All of them offer MIDI note support for their harmony engines to one degree or another.


I think it's great that you're back into music and trying something new - or at least new for you. :philthumb:

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