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NOT Selling Everything and going Active.

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I did get rid of the Yorkville SW801's and 2 Eminence drivers. So I'm left with the SR4718's and 4722's and 2 PLX3602's. Problem was, I had 3 4718x sub boxes and one had a Celestion driver in it. I tried selling all of it on the bay but all I got were rediculous low ball offers.

So I'm building a 4th 4718 and I called Joe at Orlando Speaker Repair. He had a pair of 2241 baskets and the recone kits in stock. I called him on Friday and Tuesday I walked out with a pair of fresh 2241G's for $350.

I plan on finishing the cabinet build today. Joe also had some old JBL grilles and he let me have one for $20.00 and I ordered some Acrytech Speaker cabinet paint (Duratex) and a roller, so the finish should be the same as well.

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