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I had a deal go bad with a small time builder who goes by Brent_MPLS. Some of you may remember him as the victim of the HM penny scandal from a few years back.


Long story short, I paid Brent_MPLS for him to build me two pedals, a Chupa fuzz which he designed and a Rubber Duckie Reverb based on the 1776 verb kit. After a normal wait of a few months he mailed me the Chupa in October 2013, but no Duckie. Almost two years later still no Rubber Duckie Reverb. Brent_MPLS has blocked me on Facebook and is fully ignoring my stern emails (from different email addresses in case he blocked my regular one too) I have sent him asking for a refund for my $70.40 I paypalled him for the Reverb pedal.


Not sure how else I can contact him, so figured a thread on HCFX might bring him out of the shadows.


tl;dr Brent_MPLS buyers beware


not that anyone is even around here anymore to read this or be ware

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