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For Sale: NS Upright Electric Bass | CR Series End Pin, conversion kit, and shoulder strap system

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I bought these for my CR Series five string bass by NS (Ned Steinberger) and I simply don't use them.

They are in new condition. I tried them for a week and could not get used to them.

Here is a link to NS's site which describes them: http://www.nedsteinberger.com/instru...stems.php#boom


Here are my prices:


$135 for the the End Pin (this package retails for $175 at Musician's Friend)

$60 for the conversion kit (this package retails for $83 at Musician's Friend)

$140 for the NS Design shoulder strap system (this system retails for $190 at Musician's Friend)


I won't sell the End Pin without the conversion kit so those two together will go for $195


If you want EVERYTHING I will sell the entire set together for $300...that's nearly $150 off retail (new).


Photos of these accessories are attached...I took them right off the NS website as they are the same items as I have for sale. Plus there are photos all over if you google these items.


The products all have black finishes on them (as opposed to chrome).


Shipping NOT included but I will let you know the shipping costs when you buy them.


Please email me at DeanRickman @ Yahoo.com if you are interested.






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