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EWI Snake Repair 'ed

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In regards to this thread.




Very simple repair but I thought I'd put up a reply in case someone else ran into this.


First is very good advice from Mark.


"""I've found that possibly an easier way to thread the cable clamp nut on and tighten it is to loosen the cable clamp compression ring (the knerled fitting on the outside nearest the mesh grip)... loosen that compression ring until the cable clamp can be rotated (easily) on the main trunk, then thread the clamp nut onto the clamp housing by rotating the clamp housing... rather than attempting to thread the nut onto the clamp housing with the housing stationary. Once the nut is back on and tight, then retighten the compression ring down. W. Mark Hellinger"""


This is what I did with mine. The failure point was a plastic washer between the outside nut and the stage box. It had broke apart and only 1/2 or so remained. ( Just above the 4 screws in the photo )


I found the 4 very small screws under my stick on feet and the stage box came apart with no problems. You can just make out the screw holes just inside in the feet area. Lucky in that none of the connections were damaged inside the stage box. As a side not the stage box is very solid. Nice


I went with Marks advice and loosened everything. I used a C clamp to hold the inside nut and tightened the outside clamp nut. If you use a C Clamp be sure to steady it at first so it doesn't turn when you tighten the outside one.

Last I reinstalled the compression clamp/strain relief and replaced one of the stick on feet with a new one. I had to removed to completely to find the 1st screw.


Again easy job with the right help.


Thanks to Mark and everyone else who replied.



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