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Amp recommendation for Peavey Impulse II

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Rated 50/100/200w 16 ohm box


Considering these amps (with estimated power into a 16 ohm load):

Crown XLS1000 (133w / ch)

B'ger EPQ450 (75w / ch)

B'ger NU1000 (108w / ch)


All are light weight (A++).

EPQ450 is one rack space (A+) and has similar appearence to my QSC PLX2 amps so it won't "look" too out of place (A+).


B'ger (I know, I know)... however... any experience with any or all of these? The amp will never produce anything below 100hz. The amp simply has to produce sound and be reliable (not blow up). Actual powered up usage will be 25-40 hrs / year.




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