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healthy tones, is there such a thing?


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anything with with strong mids seems to be healthy for me. like the boss ds-2 turbo distortion has a tone unlike any other pedal i've heard. it sounds like a peaky midrandge thing going for it. whenever i hear it i feel great.

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Are you referring to a sound's potential effect on human physical health? Obviously there is a correlation between sonic amplitude and physical health... at least in a negative respect. Too much SPL can cause permanent damage to your hearing, and sound can be used in other ways to cause other physical symptoms such as discomfort, nausea, physical injury to the brain, sinuses and lungs, etc.


As far as positive attributes of sound, I experience them all the time - certainly whenever I put on a great piece of music that speaks to me. I find it emotionally soothing and physically relaxing. I can't point you to any specific research that backs that up, but my own experiences bear witness to sound's healing properties. YMMV.

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