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Edwards E-CY 165 CTM


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EC-Y 165 CTM (just rolls off the tongue, no?)

Simply put, this is the Edwards Daddy-Mac of their Japan only line. It's on the front page if you've ever perused their site. I had to have it from the moment I saw it. It's great and I've played it lovingly, but I think I'm going to move predominantly away from Floyd based guitars.


The Edwards has the two tone Dimarzio Tone Zone and Duncan Cool Rails, which actually compliment each other nicely (Originally it was the TB-5 in the bridge slot, but The TZ works better with the Ash body and maple cap. 3 way toggle, Laminated 7 piece neck for stability. The frets are in great shape, ebony board also very nice. Real MOP Inlays and binding.

See pics here:

I also added MOP Inlayed knobs to complete the look. The OFR has a slight bit of fading on the bass side which is to be expected with any gold hardware, but not enough to detract from the guitar's looks.

I don't know what else I could be missing, but I will update if needed.

PM with any questions or...


Asking $1,100.00 or best, shipped to Contiguous US. in OEM ESP Gigbag.


International fine, but buyer covers shipping costs.

Not really looking for trades, trying to consolidate several guitars to fund one purchase, of which I have yet to determine, honestly.








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