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Reporting for duty... here's a pic of my Squier Bass VI.




Oh man, how I do love those, and I really appreciate the Blocks + Binding neck - that just puts it over the top, in my opinion. love.giflove.giflove.gif

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Wow, we are living in an age of great inexpensive guitars , amps, accessories and gear !!!! Today for under $500.00, you can buy or assemble a guitar that 30 years ago would have cost $ 2000.00

I'm in...

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I dig it a lot Dan. The biggest concern I have is probably the low E string's floppiness, but you can increase the string gauge a bit and it takes care of that problem. Otherwise, yeah, I'm really, really happy with it. If you have really large hands, or like to play with your right hand fingers it's going to be a challenge, but played with a pick, it's quite fun. And it really does give you the basic look, feel and sound of a Bass VI at an incredibly low price.

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I'm especially a fan of the white one. Most awesome.





The White one has a maple / maple fret board Mite Mite neck, a 1979 Fender Strat body, Fender Custom Shop "69" pickups ( Neck / Middle), a Schaller S6 pickup in the bridge ( rated at 13.09k ohms) with a Wilkinson tremolo.

The Sunburst Strat has a Stew-Mac Ash wood body, a Squire maple / rosewood fret board ( best neck ever), Fender Texas Specials ( Neck / Middle), now has a Dragon Fire Duo Rail pickup ( 11.97k ohms) in the bridge with a Wilkinson tremolo.

One of my guitar students gave me a left handed Squire neck with a 70's style ( large) head stock. I may go hunting on evilbay to get me a body and build another Frankenstrat !!!!

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I got a used 50's Classic Vibe Tele for real cheap last week. I hate vintage style tuners, though, so I'm going to replace them soon. Damn E string keeps popping out, and No I don't want to learn how to do it properly.


I actually really like the vintage tuners. I never even realized they existed until I got a Squier vintage modified Jaguar that has them. I string that guitar with 11's & never had a problem with the string poping off the tuner... I also like the fact that you can't cut your fingers on the sharp string ends.


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